have a sip

by Nail Polish

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released August 10, 2015

produced and written by nail polish
engineered by vasilis fotopoulos and miliken gardner
mixed by john thayer


all rights reserved



Nail Polish New York, New York

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Track Name: go for a ride
you wanna go for a ride?
I’ll pick you up in my car outside
we’ll drive out into the night
and if I kiss you, is that alright?

hey girl are your folks home?
what are you wearing are you all alone?
yeah do you wanna get stoned?
we’ll watch some tv and take off all our clothes
Track Name: fuck all night
I want you to tell me just what has been on your mind
cuz I’m losing space yeah I’m losing every second of my time
I want you to know that what I did was half way right
so come on baby let’s go crazy let’s stay up and fuck all night

it’s alright
yea it’s alright

I can’t just go on like I never saw this before
I leave you to walk I leave you to leave out your front door
I really need to go I need to take a walk
just come on baby let’s go crazy let’s stay up all night and talk

it’s alright
yea it’s alright
Track Name: consternation
can’t get enough of your consternation
you say you’re so fucked up in exultation

I abide with all your woes
I’m too stubborn to let them go
or I’m too scared to be alone
is that what I fear?

sometimes you call me on the telephone
just cuz you’re lonely drunk and half way home

I will give in
cuz you have me tied
you’ve bound me up I’ve thrown away my pride
there’s nothing left to deny

because I want you
yeah cuz I need you so bad
just cuz I want you
yeah cuz I need you so bad

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